Need a reason to visit Sayulita

Sayulita is a special place, full of great people, great food and great times. When looking for a vacation in Mexico, often Puerto Vallarta makes the list, but more recently Sayulita is become the place to be for people who want more of an experience.

Below is a list of 22 reasons (all text and image credit to that Sayulita is the place to be!

“1. Learn to surf at Sayulita’s Surf School. Lessons for young and old are offered every day. For veteran surfers, theSayulita Festival brings some of the best surfers from around the world to the village for an epic competition.

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2. It does not matter how old you are. Just watching these children in surf school, I knew that if I was going to ever find the perfect spot to learn to surf – Sayulita was it.

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3. Relax at the beach. Tranquil – with just enough amenities to keep you happy – this small beach is a haven for sun lovers.

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4. Have I mentioned that everything in Sayulita revolves around surfing?

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5. Sayulita will make you dream of living in a waterfront home like this.

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6.  The colors of Sayulita will reawaken all of your senses.

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7. Walking through Sayulita makes you feel like you are walking in a painting.

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8. Visit Revolucion del Sueno – a boutique and art gallery that will have you reimagining what is possible.

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9.  The art scene in Sayulita will make you wish you had extra room in your suitcase.

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10. Meet Roberto – the artist behind El Mezcalito – to meet a true chaser of dreams.

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11. Inspiration is everywhere in Sayulita. Even outside of boutiques.

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12. It is impossible to leave Sayulita without feeling empowered.

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13. Whether you are a dog lover or not, the dogs of Sayulita will make you wish you had your own dog. According to Roberto – the artist of El Mezcalito – every foreigner living in Sayulita has at least two dogs.

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14. Even the restaurants are inspiring in Sayulita.

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15. The fish tacos are incredible in Sayulita. Naty’s Cocina offers the perfect spot to sit on a bench with local workers, shopkeepers and ex-pats, messily eating tacos with mahi mahi and squash. 

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16. And the salsa? There are no jars….everything is fresh and made by the women behind the counter at Naty’s. Yum.

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17.  The dress code in Sayulita is easy: swim gear and a surf board.

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18. The guest rooms and hotels on the beach will make you dream of retiring.

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19.  It is easy to feel at home in Sayulita. The community is a mix of ex-pats, locals and wanderers. You will hear not just Spanish, but English, French and German spilling out from restaurants and on surf boards at the beach.

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20. Sayulita is a reminder of the importance of following your dreams.

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21. Whether you are a surfer or not, the surf fuels life in Sayulita – offering the perfect location for adventurous souls wanting to find their balance.

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22. Visit Sayulita – because you cannot NOT experience this beach village.”