Airlines With The Best Wifi

Wether for business or for pleasure, an internet connection has become a way of life for many of us. Streaming videos, music or checking email is just part of our routine. With this in mind many airlines have started to install WiFi in the airplanes, but which ones are the best? In a recent article by Fortune we find out that “three American airlines offer the most onboard wireless Internet connections worldwide…Delta Air Lines topped the list of the most connected airlines, as measured by available seat-miles with at least a chance of getting a wireless connection, according to the survey by, a site that evaluates in-flight amenities. More than 500 million of Delta’s available seat-miles are covered. It’s closely followed by United Airlines  (500 million miles) and American  (more than 400 million miles)”.

So if a connection to the internet has become a necessity for you, keep this in mind when you are booking your next flight.

Read the complete article from Fortune HERE.